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  • ARZombie - Estudo e implementação de aplicações de realidade aumentada para tablet
  • Dec 2014
  • The universe of mobile technologies is in a constant and growing popularity. It is possible to see that mobile devices have increasingly demonstrated their use- fulness and applicability in a daily basis, to assist users in their work or as a form of entertainment. As a result, the interest in implementing augmented re- ality applications on mobile systems has increased significantly. These systems, which integrate reality with virtual elements, provide the user with an easy and safe interaction, without prior knowledge of this technology. Even so, there are still some limitations involving lighting issues, accurate alignment between real and virtual components and the correct tracking of interesting features in the real world. Following these trends, the proposed solution aims to study and develop mo- bile augmented reality applications. For this study, face detection and recognition systems were used in order to address the limitations mentioned. Given that aug- mented reality also has the ability to improve user gaming experience, the inten- tion is to explore some possibilities of augmented reality applications, by devel- oping a game for tablet devices. The proposed solution describes the ARZombie game, where the objective of the user is to eliminate zombies that are detected through the camera of the device. Instead of using markers, as a way to track and align zombies, this game incorporates a system that integrates the augmented reality technology with a detection and facial recognition system, contributing to the interaction of the player with the real world and and enhancing the user experience. The implemented system was tested with users to evaluate the inter- action proposals and its components were evaluated regarding the performance, in order to ensure a better gaming experience.
  • Departamento de Informática, FCT/UNL
  • Diogo Cordeiro
  • Nuno Correia, Rui Jesus