Dissertations details

  • Video-Shot Extraction in a CPU-GPU Cluster (in Portuguese)
  • Jul 2016
  • Over the years, the usage of information provided by multimedia resources has been increasing: an essential factor in communication and interaction. To organize, describe and store that information, mechanisms of indexing and retrieval based on visual content have been created. One of the identified steps of these mechanisms is a video structural analysis. When a shot extraction is performed we can detect shot boundaries. This topic has been subject to investigation multiple times and a large variety of techniques have been proposed and evaluated. These techniques can vary in complexity as a very simple comparison of adjacent frames to Machine Learning. However, these methods are computationally intensive leading to processing times close to 50% of the examined videos. In this dissertation, we propose a distributed CPU-GPU architecture that makes the extraction of features present in video frames to make shot boundary detections. Our goal is to take advantage of the computational power of CPU and GPU devices present in a cluster. To that end, we did a distribution of the video processing to the nodes of the cluster.
  • Faculdade Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
  • José Rodrigo Carvalho
  • Hervé Paulino, João Magalhães