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  • Workshop "Design Driven Innovation with Google Glasses"
  • Jul 2014
  • MIT Mobile Experience Lab, The American Corner Biblioteca FCTUNL, NOVA-Lincs, DI FCTUNL

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    The NOVA Laboratory for Computer Science and Informatics and Departamento de Informática, Universidade de Lisboa collaborated in the organization by the FCT UNL Library of the Workshop "Design Driven Innovation workshop with Google Glasses" that brought to the campus three experts from the MIT Mobile Experience Lab, MIT Media Lab, led by Federico Casalegno.

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    During two and a half days, sixteen grad and undergrad students went through a thrilling experience in designing and implementing new ways of leveraging the potential of Google Glasses. The initiative was coordinated on the NOVA LINCS DI side by João Moura Pires, João Seco, and Nuno Correia.

    Great event ! The students feedback was just amazing. Thanks to José Moura, and Ana Alves Pereira for setting up the initiative, and to the American Corner for support.