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  • Gulbenkian Knowledge Academy led by NOVA LINCS – FCT NOVA
  • Jun 2019
  • The Knowledge Academy project, led by a multidisciplinary team of professors and researchers from NOVA's Faculty of Science and Technology and coordinated by the Department of Informatics and NOVA LINCS, aims to promote and develop problem-solving, critical thinking and creative skills in children enrolled in primary education.

    Proposing an innovative experimental methodology, the project will explore the development of computational thinking, without focusing on the use of technologies, exploring in its place interdisciplinary situations in the social context of primary schools. The project also has the collaboration of several schools and teachers of primary education, the CMU Portugal Program and initiatives associated with the UK CAS.

    The academy will involve students at the 4th grade from six different public primary schools: Escola Básica n.º 1 Telheiras (Lisbon), Escola Básica do Murtal (Cascais), Escola Básica Monte Caparica n.º 1 (Almada), Escola Básica Teixeira de Pascoais (Lisboa), Escola Básica Quinta da Cabouca (Seixal), e Escola Básica do Agrupamento de Escolas Daniel Sampaio (Almada).

    The project was selected under the 2nd call for Gulbenkian Knowledge Academies projects, in a very competitive process to which 403 applications were submitted and only 35 were selected, 3 of these from higher education institutions.

    The Gulbenkian Knowledge Academies initiative, launched in 2018, aims to promote social and emotional skills in children and young people to help them face the challenges of a rapidly changing future. With the selection of these 35 academies in 2019, the National Network of Gulbenkian Knowledge Academies will have 67 Academies throughout Portugal.

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