Sofia Cavaco

Assistant Professor

Multimodal Systems

Country: Portugal

Affiliation: Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, UNL



Sofia Cavaco is an Assistant Professor at the Computer Science Department from Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal), and member of NOVA Laboratory for Computer Science and Informatics (NOVA LINCS, Portugal). She received her M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence from University of Edinburgh (UK), and M.Sc. and Ph.D in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University (USA). Prior to her Ph.D. studies, Sofia was a research assistant for two years at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) and a software developer for one year at SISCOG Lda (Portugal). Sofia Cavaco has participated in several national and European research projects, and was the principal investigator of BioVisualSpeech ERI and the VisualSpeech projects. Her research focuses on the analysis of sound structure. She develops methods to model, classify and synthesize the structure of sounds. In addition, her research group uses these methods to develop software applications which include tools for multimedia, and tools and educational games for speech therapy, for the blind, and other special needs groups. Sofia has supervised 24 master students and one PhD student. She is currently supervising seven master students. Sofia has received five awards for her research (best paper, demo and poster awards).