Theresa Swift

Associate Professor

Knowledge-Based Systems

Country: United States




Dr. Terrance Swift has over 25 years of experience in research in computational logic and in the design and development of major computer systems. As a researcher he has over 75 publications in major refereed journals and conferences and is editor of three books. Topics of these publications include the implementation of high-performance logic systems; non-monotonic reasoning and reasoning under uncertainty; knowledge representation; parallel, multi-threaded and distributed programming; verification of concurrent systems; theorem proving; the semantic web; medical informatics decision and workflow systems, deductive databases; data standardization and data quality enforcement. He has served on dozens of international program committees in these areas, as well as serving as general and program chairs. Dr. Swift has successfully advised two PhD dissertations, and served on over a dozen PhD committees. He has received funding from agencies such as NSF (including an NSF career award); DARPA and NIH. Dr. Swift has led the development of the XSB Programming system, a major open-source Prolog. XSB supports various ISO standards for Prologs, and includes such features as constraints, tabling for non-monotonic reasoning, multi-threading, ontology management and integration with ASP. XSB is widely used for both commercial and research applications: there have been over 40,000 downloads of XSB, and it is a major tool of the company XSB, Inc., as well as other companies.

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