Graduation details

  • [PhD] - Privacy-aware IoT Data Management
  • Jan 2018 - Jul 2021
  • widespread adoption of Internet-connected devices that can sense and react to changes in the surrounding environment has a tremendous impact on our lives. So-called Internet of Things (IoT) helps to reduce the utility bills, improve the quality of life and cut the production costs. IoT provided a lot of new opportunities in many areas, from healthcare to agriculture, but at the same time, like any other technology, it introduced many challenges. The number of connected devices and the tremendous amount of data they collectively generate can be overwhelming. Thus secure and privacy-aware data collection, transfer and processing can be a challenging task. Existing IoT-based systems failed to address this challenge and became the primary target for attacks. Various security vulnerabilities of such systems can lead to profit loss, privacy violation and even death (e.g. health care systems in medical centers). At the same time, some of these systems may be intentionally configured to invade the personal life of their users and gain unauthorized access to sensitive information. In this work we aim to address the security and privacy challenges IoT systems face, as well as to provide the users of such systems with more control over their personal IoT data. The proposed solution may be applied to existing commercial and open source IoT systems, and at the same time act as a foundation for privacy-aware IoT systems built in the future.
  • 1 Jan 2018
  • 15 Jul 2021
  • Igor Zavalyshyn
  • Peter Van Roy, Nuno Santos
  • Henrique Domingos