Projects details

  • iCBD - Infrastructure for Client-Based Desktops
  • Mar 2017 - Jun 2018
  • The iCBD (Infrastructure for Client-Based Desktop virtualization) project aims to research and develop an architecture to support desktop virtualization focused on the desktop itself as the executing platform; this approach contrasts with the widely used VDI implementations, that use servers in computing farm as the executing platform, while the desktop itself is used only as a display device. The iCBD aims, however, to keep the well known server-based VDI centralised ease-of-administration, while offering both Unix (Linux) and Windows flavours that are instantiations, on the “local” desktops, of VM templates stored in VM pools.
  • PS
  • Solidnetworks - Business Consulting, Lda.
  • PT2020 - POCI
  • 1 Mar 2017
  • 30 Jun 2018
  • Paulo Afonso Lopes [Coordinator], Pedro Medeiros [Researcher], Nuno Preguiça [Researcher]