Publication date: 23 de May, 2024

H2tALENT – Alentejo Green H2 Valley delivering integrated full-chain sustainable h2 ecosystem with technical, economic, social and environmental benefits

H2tALENT launches a flagship Hydrogen Valley in Alentejo-PT to consolidate the strong investment in place and boost the penetration of green hydrogen by deploying new initiatives across the entire value chain from local production to use including distribution for a range of applications in industry, mobility and buildings while also connecting with existing/planned infrastructures and initiatives. In the next 5 years are foreseen 2.1GW electrolysers, 180ktons/y of green H2, 2B€ investments and 5000 jobs in Alentejo. Safe design and operation is ensured to deliver certified green hydrogen. H2tALENT produces >1200 ton/y used by several off-takers in industry (refinery & ceramics), mobility (public bus & truck) and building (municipal pool). The strategic position of the Sines Port is valorised as a key multi-modal hub for interconnection and import/export as well the industrial ecosystem surrounding it. Optimal energy system integration is ensured via technology assessment and impact modelling to contribute to the national energy transition strategy. H2tALENT generates investments around 20M€. Digital Twinning and tools for optimal planning and operation are delivered to support upscaling and replication, while professional upskilling and public perception equip the workforce with the needed competences and deliver social benefits. H2tALENT builds a global network where lessons learned from existing valleys are gathered, cooperation with Brazil fostered and replication promoted in 2 follower valleys in DE Saxony and UK Midlands. Roadmaps and concrete actions for upscaling and replication are defined for the Sines Port, Alentejo and Portugal. The consortium includes 29 partners from 6 countries covering the entire value chain including energy suppliers, DSO, technology manufacturer, system integrator, end users and RTO/university experts in digitalisation, public acceptance, environmental assessments and technology assessment with strong political support.


José Valente de Oliveira,