PI:   Luis Caires

  • Software Systems Group focus broadly on software and its engineering. Main challenges placed to future software and services industry, in our globally web-connected world, relate to the need of leveraging emergent computing infrastructures, to the increasingly faster business and technology change and deployment cycles, and to the explosion of data. Key research themes include finding higher-level ways to specify, model, build and compose heterogeneous systems and data sources, ensuring they are efficient, dependable and trustworthy (to service providers and users), while enabling global accessibility, supporting rapid development, deployment and continuous evolution.

    We seek to empower software developers (and common users) with new methods, programming languages, and tools, to achieve such goals faster and cheaper.
  • We aggregate a broad expertise in programming languages principles, design and implementation, algorithms, and software engineering, allowing us to address a wide scope of research issues. We investigate new foundations, new software development methods, new language concepts, new reasoning and verification principles, and develop systems, prototypes and tools.

    Some of our research is developed in collaboration with other lab groups and external academic and industrial partners (e.g., Altran, OutSystems). Active research topics include software engineering and language-based approaches to concurrency, security, resource control (and green computing), modularity, usability, and agility, and their integration in software development environments.
    We have a strong international presence in the Programming Languages and Software Engineering communities, delivered highly cited seminal contributions, and position as the national software group with the broader and higher impact in software research (e.g., papers at ICSE, POPL, ESOP, ECOOP, VLDB, MODELS, CAiSE, RE, TSE, ASE, JSS, JSQ, Inf&C, TCS, JFP).