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  • Philosophical Foundations for Conceptual Models
  • We review and analyze alternative answers to fundamental questions for Conceptual Modelling, such as: (a) What is a conceptual model? (b) Among models used in Computer Science, which are conceptual and which are not?(c) How are conceptual models different from other models used in the Sciences and Engineering? Our study draws from literature in Philosophy, Cognitive Science, Logics, as well as several areas within Computer Science, including Databases, Software Engineering (SE), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Information Systems Engineering (ISE), among others. This is joint work with Nicola Guarino and Giancarlo Guizzardi.
  • 06/12/2019 11:00
  • Software Systems
  • John Mylopoulos holds a professor emeritus position at the Universities of Toronto (Canada) and Trento (Italy). He earned a PhD degree from Princeton University in 1970 and joined the faculty of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto the same year. His research interests include conceptual modelling, requirements engineering, data semantics and knowledge management. Mylopoulos is a fellow of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) and the Royal Society of Canada (Academy of Applied Sciences). He has served as programme/general chair of international conferences in Artificial Intelligence, Databases and Software Engineering, including IJCAI (1991), Requirements Engineering (1997, 2011), and VLDB (2004). Most recently, Mylopoulos led a project titled "Lucretius: Foundations for Software Evolution”, funded by an advanced grant from the European Research Council (2011-16).
  • John Mylopoulos