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  • Consensus algorithms for blockchain : from Bitcoin to Tezos
  • This seminar will explain how Tezos adapted and modified the consensus algorithm of Bitcoin to make it suitable for PoS, the limitations and problems this provoked and how those problems are solved in Tezos. We will also review the challenges ahead for consensus algorithm designers, in particular in terms of formal verification and practical implementation.
  • 22/01/2020 14:00
  • Software Systems
  • Diego Olivier Fernandez Pons was a funding board member of the Tezos fondation during its first year. His specialty is mixed integer linear programming and combinatorial optimisation applied to industrial problems. He worked for ILOG for many years. He has advised Tezos related organisations on formal verification and programming languages sincee 2014. He is today scientific advisor of Tezos Southeast Asia foundation.
  • Diego Pons