The NOVA Laboratory for Computer Science and Informatics (NOVA LINCS) is a new unit of the national Science & Technology network in the area of Computer Science and Engineering. It is hosted at the Departamento de Informática of Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (DI-NOVA), a leading academic department in Portugal.

NOVA LINCS currently engages 36 integrated members (31 faculty and 5 postdocs) and 66 PhD students, and brings together the core research staff of the two units currently associated to DI-NOVA. Our mission is to develop cutting edge scientific research in key areas of Computer Science and Informatics as defined by its strategic program, contribute to advanced education in the field, and share the produced knowledge, results, and innovation with users and communities within society.

NOVA LINCS positions itself as a leading research unit in the field at the national level, and, internationally, as a well-known player with visibility in the relevant communities, witnessed by a consistent presence in top quality and elite publication venues. Our team is internationally recognized by high impact results in themes such as distributed dependability and data management, software modeling and requirements engineering, programming and verification languages and systems, knowledge representation and non-monotonic reasoning, multimedia information processing and interaction.

NOVA LINCS interacts cohesively within DI-NOVA, leveraging the triangle Research - Advanced Education - Society Liaison, in cooperation with external partners and user communities, thus contributing to national and local IT supported development.