NOVA LINCS mission is to develop cutting-edge research in key areas of Computer Science and Informatics, contribute to advanced education in the field, and share the produced knowledge, results, and innovation with users and communities within society. 

NOVA LINCS research roadmap targets the theme “Science and Engineering for the Global Software Ecosystem”. It unfolds in two lab-wide interacting streams: one on creating new principles and engineering for emergent computing and software ecosystems, another on developing innovative IT powered solutions for technical, societal, and interdisciplinary fields. We build on our portfolio of research achievements, on our ability to balance fundamental, applied research and problem driven innovation, and on thriving interactions with diverse external technology and knowledge users.

NOVA LINCS research successfully integrates development of foundations and resulting engineering oriented towards challenges of practical relevance, and building on effective bidirectional exchanges with partner knowledge and technology users and communities. Our results are continuously leveraged within many collaborative partnerships in many societal areas, important for providing test-beds, to raise new innovation-driven challenges and, ultimately, to generate value.