The scientific organization of NOVA LINCS is based on four expertise areas, each corresponding to a formal FC&T research group, and which provide the grounding knowledge basis of the laboratory. Each research group is led by a Principal Investigator (PI), responsible for steering, promoting, and coaching the general activities within the group and their alignment with the strategic program, in coordination with NOVA LINCS Board and Steering Committee.

  • CS - Computer Systems
  • KBS - Knowledge-Based Systems
  • MMS - Multimodal Systems
  • SS - Software Systems

The research roadmap of NOVA LINCS is focused on a running strategic program which defines a coordinated set of R&D activities of pluriannual duration, seeking results of high scientific and technological impact, developed within national and international academic and societal partnerships, with relevant research institutions and companies.

Within and across research groups, research activities widely span the laboratory in flexible and synergistic ways so as to better suit the strategic program objectives. To promote agility, activities are often organized in lightweight teams, involving members from several research groups to address the unit research objectives that require interdisciplinary skills in computer science and beyond.



External Advisory Board

  • Gerhard Brewka (U. Leipzig, DE)
  • Rocco De Nicola (IMT Lucca, IT)
  • Steven Feiner (U. Columbia, USA)
  • Marc Shapiro (INRIA and LIP6, FR)
  • Manuel Hermenegildo (IMDEA Software Institute, ES)