Publication date: 10 de February, 2023

World Logic Day | Talks at NOVA LINCS

In November 18, 2019, UNESCO declared January 14 as the World Logic Day: “The ability to think is one of the most defining features of humankind. … Logic, as the investigation on the principles of reasoning, has been studied by many civilizations throughout history and, since its earliest formulations, logic has played an important role in the development of philosophy and the sciences.”

Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO, says:

“At the dawn of this new decade – indeed, now more than ever – the discipline of logic is utterly vital to our societies and economies. Computer science and digital technology, which provide the structure for today’s ways of life, are rooted in logical and algorithmic reasoning. Artificial intelligence (AI), the unprecedented progress of which constitutes a technological and even anthropological revolution, is itself founded on logical reasoning. Through (…) the first global standard-setting instrument concerning the ethics of AI, UNESCO has undertaken to establish an ethical framework for this innovative product of logic.”

To celebrate the occasion at NOVA LINCS, aligned with the statements above, we will host two talks, one on Logic, Computation, and Programming Languages, and another on Logic-based Explanations for Neural Networks. Incidentally, the talks will be, respectively, by the Director of NOVA LINCS and by the Head of the Computer Science Department.

“Logic, Computation, and Programming Languages” by Luís Caires (NOVA LINCS – NOVA School of Science and Technology) 22 February 2023, 14h00 – 15h00

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“Logic-based Explanations for Neural Networks” by João Leite (NOVA LINCS – NOVA School of Science and Technology) 8 March 2023, 14h00 – 15h00

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