Research Highlights

Software Requirements Modularity

Our work on Requirements Engineering spans from requirements identification techniques to the evaluation of their specifications. We focus on novel software modularity techniques and the volatile nature of requirements to support evolution, on the role of organisational objectives to express intentional goals with impact on stakeholders’ expectations, and on the quality of requirements and software models in terms of correctness, complexity, completeness and understandability. Results from this research have been published in top conferences (e.g. RE, CAiSE) and journals (e.g. REJ, SQJ, Software: P&E). Our work on Quality Models won a Best Paper Award at CAiSE in 2014. Also, we played a key role in the development of the AOSD and Modularity community since 2002. Our highly cited seminal work on aspect-oriented composition of software properties won the Most Influential Paper Award at the Modularity conference in 2013.

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