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  • 10th European Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering (CSMR’2006)
  • 01 Jan 1900 to 01 Jan 1900
  • Welcome to the 10th edition of the Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering (CSMR 2006), the leading European conference on the theory and practice of maintenance, reengineering and the evolution of software systems. In its first ten years, CSMR has grown more and more, becoming an important European forum for discussion and exchange of research and experience among researchers and practitioners both from academia and the industrial world in the field of Software Engineering. It attracts contributions from many countries all over the world. The unceasing evolution of methods and technologies in software systems development speeds up the need to evolve existing systems that have to be continuously maintained to preserve their business value, allowing them to continue to be used effectively in new and modern modified environments. Moreover, new technologies themselves introduce new problems in the maintenance and evolution of the systems developed by them, requiring further new solutions. The CSMR aims to be a reference point where new advances in the research of methods and techniques to efficiently and effectively maintain and evolve software systems are presented and discussed, as well as to promote cooperation among researchers to face problems and to provide new solutions to overcome them. With this in the mind, the main theme of this year’s conference is “Developing maintainable and maintaining Service Oriented Software Systems (SOSS)”. The development of service-based systems (e.g. using web services) is increasing, thus we have to face new issues and problems to develop, maintain and evolve SOSS. The definition and adoption of methods and techniques to do this effectively, as well as to migrate or reengineer existing systems to SOSS is one of the grand challenges for the next few years.
  • Conference
  • Bari, Italia
  • International
  • Fernando Brito e Abreu
  • Program Committee Member
  • http://www.computer.org/plugins/dl/pdf/proceedings/csmr/2006/2536/00/2536xi.pdf?