Seminars details

  • From Simulation to Virtual Reality: Enhancing Collaboration in XR
  • This presentation will focus mainly on the challenges regarding the collaboration between users in a virtual world setup either in Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality or both (Extended Reality (XR)). Namely how to achieve collaboration using non-verbal communication, tracking and maintaining the connection state between real and virtual objects and enable multi-user/multi-space interaction. Leading up to these topics, the presentation will start from a 3D simulation perspective, followed by a VR and 360-video point-of-view, finishing with the demonstration of the results of a VR/AR platform for multiplayer interaction. The presentation will be an overview of the latest research of the author with special focus on the projects he led, namely SIMPROVE (3D simulation), AV360 (immersive video), ISEA (VR) and PAINTER (AR/VR).
  • 11/12/2019 14:00
  • Multimodal Systems
  • Rui Nóbrega just started as an Assistant Professor at FCT-UNL in the Computer Science Department (DI-FCT-UNL). He was a former researcher at INESC TEC and an Invited Assistant Professor at University of Porto in the Faculty of Engineering (FEUP) and former IT Consultant in Novabase. He has a Computer Science Ph.D. degree (Doutoramento em Informática) and his latest research is focused on Collaboration in Augmented and Virtual Reality with several projects that explore topics from Computer Graphics, HCI, Computer Vision and Multimedia Simulation.
  • Rui Nóbrega