NOVA LINCS research is guided by the general theme “Science and Engineering for Human-Centered Intelligent Software-Driven Ecosystems”.




Human centered technology driven by software is at the core of radical changes facing most aspects of daily life, including business, industry, culture, agriculture, space, media, inclusion, education, and creativity, altering expectations, and disrupting behaviors, but also strongly contributing to economic growth and improved life conditions.

To answer these challenges, we create innovative principles and engineering methodologies aimed at the design, construction, and support of intelligent software systems for novel computer infrastructures, focusing on the creation of technology-driven solutions centered around the needs and experiences of individuals and communities.


The successful implementation of our scientific plan builds on (i) a solid track-record of past research, (ii) an ability to appropriately balance fundamental research on principles and methodologies with research on applications and innovation, (iii) expertise in broad areas of computer science, (iv) thriving interactions with external technology and knowledge users, and (v) on the generated knowledge and value for the society.