Many NOVA LINCS research projects generate knowledge and results that should be leveraged in society, taking advantage of collaborative partnerships.

NOVA LINCS work has components of system requirements elicitation, user centered design, and prototype validation that benefit from collaboration with companies or public institutions. These activities are important for providing test-beds for scientific results and motivate innovation-driven fundamental challenges, ultimately generating value. Many recent activities involve some form of knowledge transfer between the lab and many different partners.

We are currently working with global companies such as Amazon, Google, Rovio (Angry Birds) and Riak. Other examples include, among others, security in web applications (OutSystems), event analysis in power grids (EDP), media analysis (PT Sapo), support to artistic creation (Rui Horta/Espaço do Tempo, Montemor), media integration in cultural heritage sites (Regaleira, Sintra), tools for domain engineers (tomography), software cost estimation (Altran), emergency management (APNC).

With local Hospital HGO we are starting a collaboration on inducing therapies (e.g., speech impairment) with gaming technologies. We are also reinforcing our collaborations with Madan Park, a tech-transfer institution managed by the local City Council (Almada) and FCT NOVA.

Privately funded projects reached more than 1.2 M€ since 2008. The NOVA LINCS founding proposal is endorsed by letters from 11 representative partners (Altran, Outsystems, Novabase, LNEC, ANPC, CML, Duvideo, PT SapoLabs, Portugal Telecom, AnubisNetworks, TKB/FCSH), offering testimony of collaborations, and justifying their support to NOVA LINCS.