Henrique João Domingos

Associate Professor

Computer Systems

Country: Portugal

Affiliation: NOVA LINCS, DI, FCT, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

Email: hj@fct.unl.pt

Phone: 212 948 300

I am Assistant Professor at the Department of Informatics, Faculty of Sciences and Technology, NOVA University of Lisbon (since 2000). I am currently a researcher at the Computer Systems group, NOVA Laboratory for Computer Science and Informatics. I started my academic career at the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Sciences - University of Lisbon. Before, I was invited professor at the Rutgers University and I worked as a junior researcher at IBM Research, INRIA, Chorus Systèmes and University of Coimbra. The broad aim of my current research is to develop security and privacy techniques that allow large scale dependable systems to operate under reliability, security, decentralized trust and privacy-enhanced assumptions. In the research work directions developed at the Computer System group, we focus on different innovative contributions, from principles and theoretical foundations to experimental research on systems design, implementation and assessment. I m currently a member of the Board of the ISOC Portugal Chapter. In my Academic extensions I worked as a consultant, evaluation expert and project advisor of industrial and R&D projects, in national and international consortia. I was co-founder of four Software Engineering companies, with a particular intervention on the Fintech area and focus on Omnibanking and eFinance solutions (for Retail, Private and Corporate Banking), Core Banking Platforms and Electronic Payment Systems.

Project Highlights

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