Prototypes details

  • DDS: A Middleware System for a Privacy-Enhanced Dependable Storage System
  • REDIS-P+ is a middleware system based on Proxy-Services to support a Privacy-Enhanced Dependable Storage System. The solution was designed to be used as a middleware layer on top of a REDIS-Cluster based on a distributed Key Value Store, automatically sharded across multiple Cloud-Enabled Redis nodes. DDS allows for the support of a transparent and full-fledged REDIS Rest-Service API, where all operations are transparently performed on "always" encrypted stored data. The proxy is based on operations' transformations and encryption, based on partial homomorphic cryptographic constructions, built in a Java-based crypto-provider library. The prototype is a result of Lab activities in the context of research projects developed with research students at NOVE LINCS Research Center
  • 30 Jul 2019
  • Henrique Domingos, Francisco Carmo Godinho