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  • Authentication and Privacy in Group Oriented Distributed Systems
  • Security in Group-Oriented Distributed Systems exhibits interesting properties and specific requirements when compared with point-to-point communication systems or client-server based applications. Specific support for group-based signatures, group-oriented privacy models or secure group-messaging are some examples of those requirements.<P> Applications using multicast or group-communication in large scale networks, p2p computing systems and some groupware applications have been referred as examples to the relevance of new models for group-oriented authentication and privacy.<P> In the seminar, some foundations and properties associated with group-oriented authentication and privacy will be presented. We will introduce the principles and some foundations to implement group authentication and secret-sharing (or key distribution) models. These protocols will be discussed according to two different viewpoints:<P> (1) as extensions or variants of some conventional computational cryptography models and techniques. <P> (2) based on a principle in which security properties are supported in the dissemination, sharing and group-evaluations of trust and or risk, by the principals involved in a group-computation.<P>
  • 12/02/2003 14:00
  • Henrique Domingos