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  • NOVA LINCS leads a research project with 7 million euros funding through the Horizon Europe programme
  • Sep 2022
  • TaRDIS (Trustworthy and Resilient Decentralised Intelligence for Edge Systems), a project coordinated by Carla Ferreira, a researcher from NOVA Laboratory for Computer Science and Informatics FCT NOVA, gathers experts in the areas of programming languages, artificial intelligence, distributed systems, among others, "thus reaching all the pillars of knowledge in the scientific area of informatics". With 11 EU partners, including Technical University Denmark, University of Oxford, University Novi Sad, University of Athens, EDP PT, Actyx, GMV, Telefonica ES, Caixa Mágica and Martel Innovate, TaRDIS aims to develop, accelerate, and operate computer systems to promote European technological innovation. The project received an investment of 7 million euros through Horizon Europe and, in the next three years, intends to guarantee greater efficiency and speed of correction of several situations involving complex distributed systems, that is, computer systems divided between several computational points. The project team also includes NOVA LINCS researchers António Ravara, Bernardo Toninho, João Costa Seco, Luis Caires, Miguel Goulão (Software Systems), Nuno Preguiça, João Leitão (Computer Systems) and Cláudia Soares (Knowledge-Based Systems).