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  • NOVA LINCS researchers receive Best Paper Award at INFORUM 2022
  • Sep 2022
  • João Geraldo, student of the Integrated Master in Computer Science at NOVA, and his supervisor, NOVA LINCS Software Systems researcher Bernardo Toninho, were awarded the best paper award at the 13th edition of Simpósio de Informática (INFORUM 2022), for their paper entitled “Making Session Types Go”. The work introduces a compiler for a programming language with first-class concurrency primitives with strong compile-time correctness guarantees, eliminating programming errors that can give rise to crashes and software faults in a concurrent setting. The compiler presented at INFORUM performs a program analysis using a technique called session typing, which rules out programs that misuse the language’s concurrency primitives, followed by a translation into the mainstream, high-level programming language Go (developed at Google) and its modern channel-based concurrency abstractions. This strategy aims to leverage the sophistication found in a mainstream, industrial-strength, compiler and (concurrency-centric) language runtime, enabling a performance and optimization potential that is typically absent from academic language implementations.